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StaysAfloat Boats can be rented like holiday cottages but with the added romance of being afloat.....

View our latest craft in Windsor moored on the beautiful Thames riverside

The boats stay on their own marina moorings which are usually located in beautiful areas whilst also being right in the hub of the holiday area you are visiting. The advantage of being on a marina, is that your boat will be hooked up to the mains electric feed, you will have the luxury of a holiday cottage, from Tv/DVD/Freeview, and cooking facilities

Imagine sitting on deck, watching the sunset, with the water lapping against the hull while you sip something cool and refreshing...and don't forget about those views, from every window...

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 StaysAfloat Ltd, Street, Somerset -Telephone: 0800 048 8607 - e-mail: info@staysafloat.com

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